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Class Policy - Projects

  1. Project documents will follow the normal Assignment Policy except as listed.

  2. Projects must also include the following sections if applicable:
    • If the project was done as a team, the name of all team members.
    • Log of each activity with the following information:
      • Date of Activity
      • Time taken to complete
      • Activity Description. Screen shots are good but are not complete. Written descriptions are also required.
      • Any problems encountered and how they were resolved.

    • Component List
      Hardware and/or software with the following information where applicable:
      • Vendor
      • Model
      • Type of Component
      • Setting
      • Drivers

    • Tests performed to validate completion. Include as needed:
      • Date performed
      • Description of what was being tested
      • Process used
      • Results of the Test.

    • Conclusion
      • A summary of what was done
      • A summay of what was learned
      • Evaluate the value of the project form 1 (low) - 10 (high)
      • Indicate why you gave it that value