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MIS371 - End-User Software Applications
Assignments Projects Syllabus Testing
Quizzes and Tests - Fall 2007
Oct 29 2 Ch. 1 - Applying Fundamental Excel Skills and Tools in Problem Solving
Ch. 2 - Solving Problems with Statistical Analysis Tools
Ch. 3 - Determining Effective Data Display
Ch. 4 - Applying Logic in Decision Making
Ch. 5 - Retrieving Data for Computation, Analysis and Reference
Ch. 6 - Evaluation the Financial Impact of loans and Investments
Dec 3 3 Ch. 1 - Preparing to Automate Data Management
Ch. 2 - Building the Database
Ch. 3 - Analyzing Data for Effective Decision Making
Ch. 4 - Collecting Data with Well-Designed Forms
Ch. 5 - Developing Effective Reports

Final Exam
Date:    December 17, 2007
Time:    6:30    Location:    Sci & Eng 109

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